Why Yoga at Indika?

Ann Hyde teaches yoga in a studio located above Indika. The entrance is through a grey door towards the back of the parking lot.

Why Yoga at Indika?

My first experience in yoga was when I was in high school – I was presented with a choice for one of my electives, Sanskrit or Yoga. Being a clueless teenager at the time, yoga seemed like a better idea simply because it was an escape from the classroom. I made it through the semester with vague recollections of flailing stretches in the playground.

I did not get back into yoga until a couple of years before we opened Indika on Memorial in 2001.  After we moved Indika to the Montrose neighborhood in 2006, I started a meticulous search for a yoga studio within the neighborhood. There was plenty of yoga in Montrose but none that I connected with.  I went to Ann Hyde’s class one night and loved the carefully crafted class paired with a strong workout. One day I casually mentioned to her that I owned a restaurant in the neighborhood. She showed up a couple of weeks later for lunch, glanced excitedly over her Mulligatawny soup and said “I’m going to eat here every day.” Three years later, she still does!

When the space where Ann was teaching was no longer available, it seemed like a natural fit for her to come teach above Indika. We had an upstairs space with no planned use. Ann’s yoga has become a vital part of my daily life. We are both big believers in Ayurveda and in the power of spice and food to heal!

– Anita